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Frankendael Brewing is a craft brewery from Amsterdam with one mission: making tasty beer for the new breed of drinkers.

Frankendael is more than just beer; it stands for an experience which connects with the drinkers through all five senses.

You can’t take your eyes off those visuals on the bottle since the second you step into the bar. And those naughty beer names, you can’t wait to say them out loud to the bartender. Finally the beer comes. You pop it open and take a good sip. You still try to figure out what those flavour surprises are. But before you know it, the glass is empty. Now all you can think of: what a tasty beer. I’m gonna have another one.

And that’s what we call a “Frankendael Experience”.



The Netherlands & Belgium


Craft Beer Buyer

Business info

Address: Entrada 100 1114 AA Amsterdam

BTW: NL855 489 765 B01

KvK: 640 181 72

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